Here, There & Everywhere

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The biggest message I could convey to any photographer, burgeoning or veteran, is to “make pictures”.  I know that seems overly simplistic but it was, the message I wanted to convey the most, but had the most difficulty expressing to … Continue reading

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Let’s begin today’s post with our two guest photographers. G. Dan Mitchell is a fine west coast photographer, who I am acquainted with via Facebook, and Flickr. I love this entry way to a house in San Francisco. The outlandish … Continue reading

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Blossoms, Scapes, & Water Birds

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For a change, today I decided to limit my post to all photography. Three genres of nature photography, flowers, landscapes and water birds. I placed a limit to five images in each of those three categories. Every category of subject, … Continue reading

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Keeping it Simple

Several times in my life, I have been told by friends (especially by those with which I was in a relationship), that I was “just too complicated” to deal with, or to be with. Too complicated?  Me? I generally have … Continue reading

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Sprouting Wings

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In my last post I wrote about caterpillars and butterflies, and I used their changing from the former to the latter, as a metaphor for being a Christian.  I did not illustrate that article with any pictures of those two … Continue reading

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Spiritual Metamorphosis

Caterpillars are slow, awkward critters, who seem to have no purpose other than to eat. To fill their own bellies. They seem to move at about one fraction of a millimeter an hour. That caterpillar has not yet realized its … Continue reading

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I am using the term songbirds, to loosely describe today’s subject. An ornithologist might well take issue with some of the birds you see below, being described as such. I include hummingbirds, swallows, woodpeckers and more in this post. For … Continue reading

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