The Autumn of The Year

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The term, the autumn of the year is often used to described the time of a person’s life, when the end is drawing near. When it comes to seasons, it is just one of the many transitions our planet makes, … Continue reading

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Tribal Lands…Monument Valley…Arizona/Utah

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Monument Valley is the super desert, for red rock aficionados. It is Navajo lands, not those of the federal government. You can feel the history, both human and natural when you are here. For photographers, it is a diverse valley … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News

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Any of us who have more than a nickel’s worth of years behind us, have a lot of memories floating around in our conscious or subconscious mind. Some are sweet as fresh strawberries and some are more like spoiled fish.  … Continue reading

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Serial Predation, Serial Hypocrisy

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Big time Democrat, and contributor to Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, serial molester of woman, and accused rapist Harvey Weinstein, is now being “outed” by a long list of woman. Many Hollywood types, mostly woman are now admitting they … Continue reading

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Photographic Nirvana

Three great photographers and three great images. Robert Vierthaler is a superb photographer of little critters. Below we have an eye to eye portrait of a tiny Jumping Spider, This is 8x life size. Below this very penetrating picture you … Continue reading

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Fur, Feathers & Other Stuff

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I love photographic abstractions, especially when there is no serious external, or after the click manipulation. Lens choice, camera position, light and personal point of view. You can learn a lot about the photographer from this genre of image making. … Continue reading

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Predators….The Human Kind

“Hollywood HATES tax cuts, unless they’re for Hollywood productions. Hollywood HATES sex abusers, unless they’re named Clinton or Weinstein.” Larry Elder Harvey Weinstein….Sexual Predator. Rich, Hollywood mogul. High profile Democrat. We have now learned that the kings and queens of … Continue reading

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