Nature’s Studio

It’s that time of year again for Dave & Carole’s Miracle Marathon for Milwaukee’s Children’s Hospital.  Remember no child is ever turned away.

Please allow time for images to become clear after they have downloaded.

Phantom Lake sunrise.  Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, WI


Touchdown.  Snowy Owl

American Bittern

Butterfly Weed

Gadwall Ducklings

Immature European Starling

Wild Turkeys

Snow Geese

In my earlier photography days I had cause to do my fair share of studio photography.  Usually very boring subjects like electronic components or other small pieces of hardware.  I enjoy this genre enough that I created a small portfolio of personal work.   Studio photography is a very different discipline than outdoor nature photography.  You actually build your image from the ground up.  You choose the lighting.  In contrast, nature photography is about the art of visually reducing what you see to an artful and ordered composition.  Studio photography is like building a house.   Nature photography is more like looking for a clean spot to camp.  They are both challenging but I do believe that a grand landscape in nature is the more difficult and rewarding. 

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