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This is a bird species that not a lot of wildlife photographers get a chance with.  I found these White-winged Scoters a few years ago.  It is always exciting to photograph a species that is new to you, and especially so if it is an animal that is hard to find.  I would have loved to get these guys in summer plumage but I am not fussy.

Starting in the early 2000s I began to see an increasing number of domestic ducks and geese at places I frequent to make nature photos.  I used to call them escaped domestics but the truth is that most of these guys could not get to where I have found them without someone dumping them there.  Very few that I have seen could fly due to so many years of domestication for their ancestors.  This colorful (face) fellow was no different.  He was so used to people who I petted him like he was a dog.  Three days later he was gone.  Possibly food for a predator.  There are not any no-kill pet centers for this sort of animal but I would imagine with the increase of hobby farms among retirees, that could be one direction to turn to help these “dumped” birds.

One of our most common ducks, both in numbers and appearance.  Male Greater Scaup.

Young wading birds always make great shots.  Great-blue Herons.

Widow Dragonfly.


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