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Black-winged Damselfly

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Not much to share today but I did manage to catch a few new images of Black-winged Damselflies. After the images download, please allow time for them to slowly become clear. Advertisements

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Forty Shades of Red

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I loving paying homage to where things begin, and as far as the nature part of my photography is concerned, it began with sunrises/sunsets.  This form of photography is a colorful, moody exercise that fits who I am really well. … Continue reading

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Pot Luck

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After the below images download they will slowly become clear. This 3/4 grown Red Fox kit was one of my favorite individual foxes to photograph.  This was a couple of years ago and I often wonder how wildlife that I … Continue reading

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I don’t know how many fox photos I have made in the past four years, but it seems like every time I feel I am done, at least one more fox appears in my life.  Made this snapshot of a Red … Continue reading

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New Pix Again

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June 14, 2011 I sort of plunked myself down next to a suet feeder yesterday and waited to see what would appear.  It was a nice group of birds, plus squirrel, plus flowers.  Hope you enjoy. After each image downloads it will … Continue reading

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Composition 101…All About Rules

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I’ve probably spent equal amounts of time teaching the rules of composition and then telling everyone to break them.  Those rules will definitely make any photographer who is struggling with comp, a better and more successful photographer.  Breaking those same rules at … Continue reading

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The Stock Market (photographically speaking)

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I had a recent email communication with a photo editor that I knew during my previous life as a stock photographer.  The last time I wrote about this subject I mentioned that I would not write about it again but … Continue reading

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