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Earth Images on Flickriver Advertisements

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Mammals In Freshwater

By RON TOEL Mammals are associated to freshwater on land in all sorts of ways, but none of them are as adapted as the whales and dolphins, seals, and manatees are to the oceans.  There are freshwater dolphins in the … Continue reading

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Ten Again

I received an email from a friend who just read my top ten nature photographers blog.  He disagreed with me in the sense that some of the photographers I listed were retired or deceased.  My list was meant to be a top … Continue reading

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Tongue in Cheek

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Every once in a while I feel it is important for me to explain myself and the purpose of my writings to any new readers of this blog.  You are of course large in number.  After this I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Way … Continue reading

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The Birds of Horicon

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As I contemplated making this post, I began to wonder how many pages it would take to actually show images of all of the birds species I have photographed at Horicon Marsh NWR, here in Wisconsin.   Add in a nice variety … Continue reading

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Better Said

Let Moose Do It Many a time I’ve tried to explain the differences between being a professional film photographer and a pro with a digital camera.  Many of the great photographers reading this used to make film pictures, but how many of you … Continue reading

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Some pix by Wayne Allow a few moments after the download for the images to become clear. 7/26/11

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