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Big Picture….Small Picture

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The greatest thing about landscape photography is the many different treatments you can bring to any given subject.   A river?  A rock formation?  Your subject can be spread out or compressed.  It may a part of the greater landscape, or it could be the whole … Continue reading

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Skippin Dinner

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Whew, I’m stuffed! Think I’ll skip dinner. Have a good evening!

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The Lost Art

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Silhouette: shadowed contour: an outline of somebody or something filled in with black or a dark color on a light background, especially when done as a likeness or work of art Is the creating of silhouettes, a lost art, or … Continue reading

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Composition: putting together of things:

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Composition: putting together of things: the act or process of combining things to form a whole The above description of composition would fit studio photography quite well.  In nature photography it is the act of subtracting or dividing things to … Continue reading

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It is a rare day indeed when I actually put a camera into use, but I did make a few backyard pix of common birds this morning.  I did have an enjoyable time and it was a very good feeling to employ some photographic … Continue reading

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Migrating Thoughts

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Several days ago I managed to stop at Bong State Rec. Area here in Wisconsin and take a peek at how the spring bird migration is developing.  As is usual at Bong the Red-winged Blackbirds ruled the roost.  So to speak.  Tons … Continue reading

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Back In The Day……….

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Places become special to me for a variety of different reasons.  Great Sand Dunes N.P. in Colorado has great memories for me.  I lived in Colorado through much of the 1970s but never even visited Great Sand Dunes.  In the … Continue reading

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