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Batting 300

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The title of today’s article is meant to honor the fact that this is the 300th post on the Earth Image’s Blog.  My intent when I created this forum was to write and share for three months, or about 12 posts.  I … Continue reading

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Hearing is Believing

“I can look at a fine photograph, and sometimes I can hear music”  Photography great Ansel Adams, knew what he spoke of when he coined the above phrase.  He was also a superb pianist. I don’t know how much one … Continue reading

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A Natural Trifecta

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I seldom make photography posts that only deal with two or three subjects.  I’ve limited it today because the primary focus is about natural history.  Today’s blog is about three birds, those being the American Bittern, the Tundra Swan and the … Continue reading

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Living Art, Flower Powder & Not So Wild

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Living Art Sometimes it is not about “creating art” , but instead about recognizing the art in your subject.  It is great to be an artist, but there is nothing wrong with being a “witness to art” and using your … Continue reading

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Photography is the act of decision-making, personified.  Of all of the decisions that  photographers make it is composition that holds the most possibilities.  I have always loved to talk with my photographer friends about composition.  It is my favorite subject … Continue reading

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