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Good Questions

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Good questions deserve answers.  My recent article on filters featured polarizing filters.  I gave a written example of how we can miss polarize a blue sky by using a wide-angle lens with a polarizer.  The area of deepened blue created with the … Continue reading

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White Sands Gallery

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Many of you who are regulars here or were visitors to my website will probably have already seen a lot of the images below.  It is understandable if you prefer to wait for a new post to browse, rather than … Continue reading

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Filters: As I began to write today’s photo/text article, it occurred to me that I have never written about the use of filters in photography.  I suppose the main reason for that is I used filters very sparingly in the … Continue reading

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Animal Adventures by Ron Toel

This adventure actually happened in the Lincoln Park Zoo in downtown Chicago. I had always heard about this zoo so one day I braved the traffic and went. I had walked around and was kind of disappointed in what I … Continue reading

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Image Immortality

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I am always saying that my time to share old photos and talk about nature photography is about over.  Then I see a photo or have a thought, and here I am again.  My instincts always return A moment only lasts……well…….for … Continue reading

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The Three That Got Away

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I recently heard from an acquaintance (we’ll call him Pete) who looked at the “created on date” in the EXIF data of one of my pictures, only to find that I made the photograph in 1700.  I told you that I had made … Continue reading

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Who Are You?……and who am I

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As is always the case when I give opinions on any subject, they are just that, only my opinions. My basic philosophy on life is that people (all of us) do not change.  I mean that we are who we are … Continue reading

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