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The Nature of Bong State Recreation Area

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The article below was written by me around the year 2000.  I recently found it in a drawer.  It was written on an old Earth Images letterhead.  I am reprinting it for those of you  residing in Wisconsin or northeastern … Continue reading

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Creative Choices

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With today’s cameras you see more and more wildlife images that are made with “total depth of field”.  In other words every part of the bird or mammal is in focus.  The sensors on many newer cameras are becoming almost … Continue reading

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Animal Adventures by Ron Toel

This is the 15th and last in a series of my encounters with wildlife of our natural world that surrounds us. Yes, some were planned, however, most were not. These stories were written not only for YOUR enjoyment, but to … Continue reading

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Who’s Leading The Pack?……Today’s Nature Photographers

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The article below is made up of my opinions and only my opinions. I haven’t shared my latest thoughts on who is (in my opinion) the best of the current crop of nature photographers.  My opinions these days come mostly … Continue reading

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Winged Predators & Other Stuff

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I am discriminating against eagles and owls on today’s post.  Other birds of prey qaulify. Actually, many, many birds are winged predators.  Even many of the “seed eaters” not only catch things like insects, spiders and slugs to fill their … Continue reading

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Back To The Beginning

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Sometimes I think I sound inconsistent when I talk about nature and photography. One time it seems as though nature is everything to me and on another I show images that are not of nature at all. I guess going … Continue reading

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Wildlife Adventures by Ron Toel

Wayne and I were in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone. It was getting to be mid morning, and we had been at it since before day break. One the far end of Lamar Valley, there stands a humongous “rock” right … Continue reading

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