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Pictures & Words

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Cathedral:  It’s always good to find a variety of ways to look at a potential picture. This forest was heavy with trees and confusing to the eye.  The sunny day provided way too much contrast for one of those color … Continue reading

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Altered Reality

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Altered Reality For the first time in quite a while, I am seeing a lot of discussion about images that have been Photoshopped or otherwise altered. The first talk came in a link (deleted) published on Twitter by the editor of a bird … Continue reading

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Political Creed

The post below is basically a copy/paste from another blog where my words appear from time to time.  I was asked by an acquaintance to spread it around so here we are.  While the requestor is a friend, she was … Continue reading

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I really have nothing to say today so I thought I would just share a few images.  Just  for the visual sake of the subject. A while ago in a previous post I said hello to autumn despite the fact … Continue reading

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Batting .400

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Our 300th post on Earth Images was entitled Batting .300, so I guess it must follow that this one (our 400th) should be called Batting .400.  Heck, a lot of baseball players every year bat .300 but it was 1941 … Continue reading

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Think Small This Fall

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Autumn is heading in your direction.  No great vistas or reflective lakes where you live?  Think small. When there are no grand landscapes  to photograph, just find a nice tree or two.  I love early fall when the colors and tones … Continue reading

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Mutualism by Ron Toel

Mutualism as defined in the dictionary is an advantageous relationship between two different species in which neither is harmed and both benefit from the relationship. It is also the most interesting of the different types of relationships (at least to … Continue reading

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