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Your Memories Are Today

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Life is not about the memories of yesterday.  It is about creating  memories right now…   I have created my share but I regret that I rushed through a few friendships, and created far fewer memories than were possible.  Never miss … Continue reading

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Living In The Shadows

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In life and in photography we often think of shadows as a negative thing.  I mean who wants to confront anyone who shuns the rays of the sun and prefers to lurk in the shadows. In photography they present us … Continue reading

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Wings + Passion

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Wings There is something about a bird spreading it’s wings, that is visually stimulating to me.  I’m not talking about a bird in flight. Maybe they are stretching or preening. It might be just a form of exercise.  It could … Continue reading

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Other People’s Pictures

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In my last post I mentioned that I never thought that I would spend so much time viewing other people’s images.  There is a benefit to viewing photos made by others, and an art to how we do it. The … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

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It’s funny how things go.  I never dreamed the biggest part of my photographic life, would be viewing and commenting on other people’s photos. I mean I have always enjoyed looking at photos from others, and  sometimes I would comment on … Continue reading

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High & Low Impact….they’re both important.

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The one thing that is missing from the work of many of today’s best new landscape photographers is pretty simple……it’s the ordinary. Their work is spectacular and I love it, but there comes a time when you have to rest … Continue reading

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Blogging and Cropping

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Blogging and cropping?  Actually writing a blog and cropping (or composing) an image are similar.  How to edit a blog, or better said how to arrange a blog, has a lot in common with cropping/composing a picture.  What to leave in, … Continue reading

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