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Playing Favorites

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The only way I could properly illustrate an article about my favorite things to photograph, was to use my own pictures.  I have shown a lot of images today but I could have posted a few thousand.  This post is … Continue reading

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Switching Gears

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I sometimes complain about what a big part equipment and software are currently playing in photography.  Between complaints maybe I should take note of the incredible artistic vision that many of today’s photographers possess. I would like to introduce you … Continue reading

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Land, Sea and Air

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If composition is one of the most significant aspects of a good picture, and I think most of us agree it is, what do we do about nature’s smallest wildlife?  I mean, a landscape’s easy (sort of), a bird or … Continue reading

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Three to Go

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Today’s post is about three very different subjects.  I am only personally familiar with the first subject, but the other two include a bird species I have always wanted to photograph, and a location I have always wanted to visit. … Continue reading

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Bringing in The Horses

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I was viewing a Jess Lee photo on Facebook the other day, and boy did it bring back memories. In my days of owning horses, the second location where I kept those  horses, was about 15 miles north of Denver … Continue reading

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Photographically Speaking

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No matter how dusty my cameras are, or how little I see of my beloved nature, I am as usual, thinking about photography. Times change and perceptions change too.  I know that when I write about how to accomplish something … Continue reading

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Wild Horses

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As the current level of serious photographers reaches epic proportions, more and more subjects that previously were rarely photographed, are getting their pictures taken (and shared).   In the Americas, Bobcats, Mountain Lions and Jaguars are now being photographed with regularity.  … Continue reading

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