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Gone Fishing

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Just a few pictures of Bald Eagles missing fish, fighting over fish, carrying fish, and trying to decide whether to eat a fish or not. Have a great day, Wayne Advertisements

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Composing With The Stars

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Let’s take a look at two guest photographers and one painter today, and how they compose their pictures of wild mammals. I have shown David Hemming’s bird photography on numerous occasions. Birds are not his only wildlife subject as David … Continue reading

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The House of The Rising (and setting) Sun

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To a photographer, the term sunrise or sunset doesn’t always mean that exact moment when the sun breaks the horizon.  To me it means from when the first or last bit of light appears in the sky, long before or … Continue reading

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It’s All For The Birds

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It has been a while since I dedicated a post to birds and nothing but birds. It’s good to celebrate the visual glory of these avian wonders. Birds are the photographic  subject I am most prolific in.  That is not … Continue reading

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The Color of Ice

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Each image below, originated as a 35mm slide. I chose old film pictures because I used daylight balanced film and no filters for any of these images.  That is akin taking to your DSLR’s white balance off auto, and leaving … Continue reading

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The Edge of Light & More

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The Edge of Light Photography is as much about light as it is about subjects.  It is in fact the capture and recording of light.  Without light there is no photography. Over the years I have made much about “the edge of … Continue reading

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The first two images and info you see below, come from Landscape Photography Magazine’s photo critique section. This is offered by the magazine as a way for readers (not editors)  to critique images. This is both a wonderful, constructive idea, and a … Continue reading

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