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Judgment Day…….Philosophically Speaking

Warning: In addition to the judgments below that I have actually confessed to, you will find today’s article sprinkled with several other of my personal judgments. We all approach photography (and life) a little differently from one another. We have our … Continue reading

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The Thinker

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I was going to start today’s post with a photo of Auguste Rodin’s statue called “The Thinker”, except I don’t allow nudity on the pages of Earth Images. My most powerful memories of that statue are from the TV show … Continue reading

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Photographic (and other) Musings

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Photography is about light. Without it, a picture is just a mirage. While I prefer the sunlight of early and late in the day, or the soft light of overcast, I have always taken what God gives me, and made my pictures … Continue reading

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More Visitor’s Galleries

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It is my pleasure and honor to bring to you each of these great photographers. I truly enjoy the contrasts of color and form in this Guy Tal abstract. It appears to me to be a totally natural view of … Continue reading

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Just Pictures

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The only point to be made in today’s post, is the joy of sharing pictures. No “how to” article. No captions. No opinions. Just (almost) pictures. The 42 images you see below have all been seen before somewhere on this … Continue reading

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Visitor’s Gallery

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I hope you enjoy today’s beautiful work by four visiting artists. I show you this first shot (mine) of Cade’s Cove only to give you a view into the valley. I made this picture from a beautiful winding dirt road that … Continue reading

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Play It Again

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As most of you know, I generally don’t create images anymore. Last summer was the last time I even picked up a camera. I did however, manage to get out briefly and make a few bird pictures this past Thursday, 4/10/14. … Continue reading

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