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Every Picture Has a Story

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It’s commonly said that every picture tells a story. I agree that every picture contains content, that has something to say. In other words, every image has a story inside of it. There is however, a story behind every image … Continue reading

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The Freedom of Discipline

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Notice that today’s title is about the freedom of discipline, not from it. Photographically Speaking. Okay, just how do freedom and discipline go together? I know you might expect me to write one week about discipline (one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Picture Talk

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When a Red Fox almost reaches full growth, they put the meaning of red into the name Red Fox. Their fur is still short, but will soon start a growth spurt for the upcoming winter. The overcast light here helps … Continue reading

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The State of Water & Other Subjects

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When I used to travel around North America and I would tell new acquaintances that I was from Wisconsin. I was always shocked how few Americans even knew where Wisconsin was. Sadly we have become known for serial killers, Milwaukee … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts & A Few Pictures

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I was going to use this space to complain about a well-known landscape photographer who every time he has a temper tantrum, complains on social media that some other photographer is either posting crappy pictures, or is touting a recent … Continue reading

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Everything in life, including that which is both visible and tangible, first lived in someone’s imagination. Not only the computer you’re sitting at, but the pen you write with, the chair you sit on, and the shoes on your feet were all … Continue reading

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Belted Kingfisher

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08/06/14 Below are just a few images of a Belted Kingfisher that I made on the date above. There is certainly no perfection here, but I rarely make images anymore so I thought I would share them anyway. Another gift (to … Continue reading

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