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Edification of Light

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To be enlightened. That is really what all life is about, and photography is just one of the many microcosms of life. Photography is light by its original definition. To shine a light on something, is to be enlightened or … Continue reading

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Opinions, Opinions, Opinions!

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Personal Statement I am a lot of different things, some are good, and maybe even more are bad. No matter what you think about me, nobody can ever (honestly) say that I stand for nothing. The things that I do … Continue reading

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Ladies of The Land

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Today’s post is dedicated to women landscape photographers. All of today’s artist/photographers and their images, came from 500px and an article that has been recently published, called Women Landscape Photographers. I personally  know some incredible woman photographers, but I have … Continue reading

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Cliché? There have been many images made over the years at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands N.P. in Utah. You are looking to the east as you peer through the arch into the canyon. There have been thousands, probably tens of … Continue reading

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Into The Future

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I try to follow, at least in a rudimentary fashion, the equipment revolution that is occurring today in the world of photography. I know Canon now has its 64 mega pixel cameras on the market. I know that the resolving … Continue reading

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Economic Freedom

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The thoughts below are my own observations and opinions, based on living a fairly long life, and paying attention to what I see. Some of my opinions may not be to your liking or they may even be viewed as … Continue reading

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Sports as Life

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Before we get to sports as life, let’s view some great images. Let’s start out today with yet another great image by close-up artist Mike Moats. As is usually the case, I love his composition. Mike always find the order … Continue reading

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