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Wild Things 2

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I rarely publish posts that are entirely about wildlife, unless the article is about a certain species or type (waterfowl, small mammals, etc.) of animal. It’s not that I don’t love wildlife imagery because I do, it’s just that there … Continue reading

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Compositional Integrity

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In today’s post we will look at the (mostly autumn) work of five great photographers. I purposely sought out landscape work that was made primarily with wide to normal lenses. I did not look for unusual compositions or traditional, I … Continue reading

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Coloring Outside The Lines

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I am sure that each of us at some point in our youth, was given a coloring book and some crayons, and told to see if we could color within the lines. It takes discipline to stay between the lines and I … Continue reading

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A Little of This, a Little of That

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My initial concept for today’s post was to revisit the subject of autumn nature photography. The more I explored the current imagery on Facebook and Google Plus, the more I realized that I needed to create a much “more complete” photography … Continue reading

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Get it Before it’s Gone

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I think my favorite time of year has always been autumn. When I turned to nature photography, that feeling was solidified. It always amazes me how a season can be so tranquil and serene, yet can be filled with so … Continue reading

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My favorite North American herd animal is the Pronghorn, called by many, Antelope. As I understand it, they are distant relatives to the antelope, and close relatives to wild goats. They photograph very nicely which always pleases the photographer in … Continue reading

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The Maximum Minimalist

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What happens when minimalist landscape photographers give wildlife photography a try? I think this photo is best pictured hanging on a wall, as a large print. I originally thought I would have preferred to see that Hummingbird facing the other … Continue reading

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