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Life as a River

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The paragraphs below, are my opinions based on my observations and experiences. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s funny, but our lot in life is seldom written in stone. It is fluid. Like a river it often seeks its own direction, … Continue reading

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Make It Yours

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I think it is fairly obvious and generally accepted, that whether you create a painting, a song, a sculpture, a piece of furniture, a gourmet meal or a photograph, the finished piece is by the producer and of the producer … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Christmas

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First a few pictures. Today’s images are mine, and were chosen in an extremely random fashion. When we look through our own pictures and choose some to share, I doubt any of us choose the same images that an outsider … Continue reading

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Life’s Challenges

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Like most people, I haven’t always embraced challenges when they have presented themselves to me. As a child I would often hide from the sort of challenges that traveled on the words and deeds of grown-ups. If an adult was … Continue reading

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One Part Man, One Part Nature

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Today’s photography post is divided into two sections, the first being images of manmade objects, and the second being abstracts of nature. Man’s Legacy Most nature photographers that I know would argue that anything that is referred to as Man’s … Continue reading

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A Chill in The Air

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Winter is here and that means good things for nature photographers. When I think of snow, ice and animals, I think of Charles Glatzer. Polar Bears x 4 Premier landscape/wildlife photographer Ian Plant is always good for some true “winter … Continue reading

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One Such Journey

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I began my Biblical journey a few years ago, not to find out about God, or understand how I can find my way to heaven. It just seemed incongruous for me to not find out about this famous collection of … Continue reading

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