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California Dreaming

After I wrote the article below yesterday, I decided not to publish it today, but instead to delete it. There is enough anger going around these days. Then when I arose this morning I took my electronic jog through Twitter and … Continue reading

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Political Potpourri

It’s an amazing time we live in. As I watch the Hollywood elite (Madonna?), crackpot left-wing magazines, and what passes for everyday American citizens, call for the assassination of our current duly elected President, it causes me to remember with … Continue reading

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Dark Secrets & Other Stuff

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For as long as I have been creating traditional style sunrises/sunsets, or have been silhouetting recognizable objects in an equally traditional fashion, I have also been shooting pure skies and clouds, or isolating subjects for silhouette in unusual ways. Sunrise/sunset … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload

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I spent about 20 minutes cruising the internet yesterday looking at pictures,  mostly on Google Plus and Facebook. I stopped not because there were not enough fine images to view, but there were almost too many. Not only did I … Continue reading

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I’ve written many times about the implications and the sometimes horrifying results of modern-day tribalism. This subject has always been fascinating to me because by my very nature I am not a joiner. I am certainly not the overly romanticized … Continue reading

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Opinions are something that everybody’s got, and they are something that many of us might be too willing to share. Opinions however, are needed to get things done, although they can also get in the way of progress. Opinions can … Continue reading

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Small Talk 5

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As has been the case so many times when I have nothing particular to say, today I reached into my bag of old digital files, grabbed whatever touched my hands (not literally), and threw them on the table (again symbolically), … Continue reading

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