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The Real Stock Market

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Back in the earlier days of this blog, from time to time I would post correspondence that I had received from photo editors of publications wh0 were in search of images. They usually came with some pretty specific wants. I … Continue reading

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The Search

Like many of you, I’ve spent my whole life searching. I’ve searched for what’s true and what isn’t. In other words, what’s real and what is fake or at least hyperbole. I’ve searched for good and evil, sometimes wondering which … Continue reading

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Simple Thoughts

Below you can read what I think about a few different subjects.  Some simple, rudimentary thoughts by a complicated (although maybe simple minded) man. They are my observations and opinions, nothing more and nothing less. They are meant to be … Continue reading

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I need to clear up a few things involving a recent article I  wrote here at Earth Images called Technology Break.. When I write generically about society, or just about people in general, you are reading my personal observations that I … Continue reading

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What is or isn’t art, is purely a matter of opinion. That statement is of course, my opinion. It seems to me, that art comes from the perfect mating of the brain and the heart. Not that organ that pumps … Continue reading

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Technology Break

My many writings on this blog about creating images at the ‘edge of light”, has brought about some great points from someone who commented  recently. I want to thank Doug Whitman for telling me about the Mach Band theory by … Continue reading

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Variety is what drove me through so many years of photography. I enjoy image makers who think like painters, and for whom, the whole world is their pallet. Personally, I was always drawn firstly to nature, but I photographed most … Continue reading

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