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Space Aliens, Peaceful Days, & Furry Little Critters

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Let’s begin today with three of America’s top shooters, photographically speaking. George Lepp is a truly legendary veteran of all things in outdoor photography. Along with John Shaw he might be the best known teacher of technical photography. I am … Continue reading

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Win, Lose or Draw

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It’s really only been the past four years or so that I’ve spent time discussing images in which some were winners, some losers, and a few that were somewhere inbetween. I only use my own images for that purpose. I … Continue reading

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I just felt in the mood to share a few (old) Bald Eagle images today. There’s nothing like a preening bird, and when that bird is a Bald Eagle with a blue sky background, well that’s bird heaven. I have … Continue reading

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Previous Americans of all political persuasions would be ashamed of the political cowards that exist in many American businesses today. ESPN is set to broadcast the up coming University of Virginia football game but has announced that their play by … Continue reading

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America’s New Fascism

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There is a statement I think that needs to be said by me, so I will handle that first, then on to the new fascist state. I make a lot of comments about politics and religion on these pages. A … Continue reading

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Badlands, Good Times, & Weavers

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There are three basic ways that people look at photos. It seems to me that most people view them in one of the three ways each and every time they look at a picture. There are those who look to … Continue reading

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Entertainment Value + It’s a fast World

Today’s post is social, political, religious, and Christian in nature. This past Sunday I was sitting in front of the TV. After some channel surfing I came across one of the several religious channels that exist now days. There was … Continue reading

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