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Stuck On a Theme

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When I look back at recent posts here at Earth Images, I notice that I tend to repeat subjects in several posts, be it photography, politics or otherwise. I get stuck on one theme and it takes me a while … Continue reading

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Motivation & Inspiration

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If I were still making pictures today, a five minute cruise through just a few of the photographers who’s work I witness regularly on the pages of Facebook, would be enough to both motivate and inspire me to go out … Continue reading

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From Pronghorns to Spiderwort

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There is nothing that gets the juices flowing in a wildlife photographer like, wild mammals. Especially those that fit the definition of the larger mammals. Pronghorns, are a wonderful species of reasonably large herd animals, that are indigenous to North … Continue reading

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Same Song, Different Day

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Recently there were 4 black police officers killed out of several who were shot in a space of 7 days here in America. There were no calls from the political left for gun control. There were no screams of racism … Continue reading

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Life’s Been Good To Me So Far (the glass half full)

Hopefully rock n roll great Joe Walsh (or who ever wrote it) will forgive me for stealing the title to one of his songs. I’m an enigma to many people. I have a lot to say and to complain about … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends Again

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I was always happy to photograph any subject, especially in nature. From the rarest to the most common. Gray Tree Squirrels are pretty common stuff although the dark phase is at least somewhat unusual. For several years I never made … Continue reading

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Answers or Questions ?

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I don’t know if every question has an answer, but life has showed me that every answer prompts a question. That is certainly true in photography. If you live in a fairly ordinary place, landscape photography can sometimes be a … Continue reading

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