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Historically Speaking

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All of my own images shown on these pages are from the past, ranging from a few years to thirty years ago. All of my stories from the field are theretofore, from the same time in history. I also write … Continue reading

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Old Dogs & Children

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There’s an old folk song by Tom T. Hall called Old Dogs & Children & Watermelon Wine. The gist of this old classic is that there “ain’t” but three things in this life worth appreciating, and that’s old dogs, children, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

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If there’s anything that inspires nostalgia in me, it is the Christmas season. My memories range from my sister and I getting up at 3:00 a.m. to see what Santa brought (now you see why I get up so early), … Continue reading

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The Perfect Grand Slam

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Today we have four flawless images from four superb photographer/artists. I always love Guy Tal’s way of conveying the message of traditional landscapes and weather phenomenon, though abstract views. This Utah canyon with mixes of light streaks and clouds, is … Continue reading

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Subtle 1. slight: slight and not obvious 2. pleasantly understated: pleasantly delicate and understated I have been addicted (just an expression) to sunrises and sunsets that are dripping in color, since I was a four year old child and watched … Continue reading

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Anything Goes

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Today’s post examines photographic contrast, and whatever else came to my mind while picking out images to display. Contrast, to tame or not to tame? I know a lot of photographers who hate contrast within an image. They might accept … Continue reading

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Look & See

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I once knew a photographer who’s primary professional interest was stock photography. His only subject interest (originally) was wildlife (birds, mammals), and flowers. When you shoot stock you keep a checklist of what you’ve got as far as species and … Continue reading

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