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For those of you who have been with me a while, I ask your pardon for publishing a post of flower images that many of you have seen before, probably somewhere from one to 10 times. I needed a single … Continue reading

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Perspiration + Inspiration

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Indeed perspiration, inspiration and many other things can and do go into the act of making images. As has been the case for some time when I show my own images on these pages, I simply opened up a few … Continue reading

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Alive & Well

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It’s good to know that since my departure from photography, it has remained alive and well. It in fact may have gotten better, but hopefully that has nothing to do with my photographic endings. When I search for great photography … Continue reading

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Swan Lake….& More

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While I the images I am showing today are not representative of my best pictures, I did find them all in one folder (easy), and several thoughts came to my mind when I saw them. All but the duck making a … Continue reading

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I bring to you today three great images from three different photographers all who post in my  Flickr group, Earth Images. With so many photographers in the world today it is becoming difficult for most photographers to stand out. To … Continue reading

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Land Mind

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The term landscape (sometimes scenic) seems to have a different definition for everyone who uses it. For today’s post, it can mean any medium to large scale scene, whether the subject is all land, land plus water, land plus sky, … Continue reading

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