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Close Encounters of The Best Kind

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In my opinion, one of the greatest contributions photography has made to the world, is that it has pushed mankind, through the eyes of photographers, to look at the world close up. All great things are made up of little … Continue reading

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Bird Brained

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I felt like sharing some old bird photography today from the 2007-2008 seasons. I made my choices based on my personal memories and things I found interesting. That and nothing else. I’ve gone back and forth in my life in … Continue reading

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Close Encounters & Other Stuff

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Of all the magical things that present themselves to us while we are out creating images of nature, I think those moments when wild animals accept us as a non-threatening part of their world, carry the biggest “magical punch”. I … Continue reading

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Power Brokers

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I just wanted to share with you two gorgeous images from two of my “go to” photographer/artists. Manuel Romaris is a member of my Flickr group and we are all the richer for it. I don’t know where this ocean … Continue reading

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Replacement Theory

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Today’s post is one of those “a little bit of everything” articles that is based on a bunch of my old images, and whatever comes to mind when I look at them. As is often the case with this sort … Continue reading

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I just thought I would share with you today a pair of image makers who are kind enough to place their work on my Earth Images Flickr group. So often I share with you the work of professional or semi … Continue reading

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Little Animals In a Big Land, & More.

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Little Animals/Big Land Getting in close photographically to wild animals, whether that is accomplished with a big lens, a crop during editing, or by physically moving closer, is not only something that allows us to know what a creature looks … Continue reading

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