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Look & See

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I once knew a photographer who’s primary professional interest was stock photography. His only subject interest (originally) was wildlife (birds, mammals), and flowers. When you shoot stock you keep a checklist of what you’ve got as far as species and … Continue reading

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I must admit that over time, I have changed the way I approach photography related posts on this blog. Several years ago I would get an idea such as, how I approach abstract image making, or how I stalk wildlife … Continue reading

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The Crop, The Treatment & More

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The Crop 90% of all the wildlife images you see, are crops. Now I admit that is a guess, but if you photograph wildlife you know I am in the ballpark with my “guestimate“. Oh come on now, that photo … Continue reading

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Stuck On a Theme

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When I look back at recent posts here at Earth Images, I notice that I tend to repeat subjects in several posts, be it photography, politics or otherwise. I get stuck on one theme and it takes me a while … Continue reading

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Motivation & Inspiration

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If I were still making pictures today, a five minute cruise through just a few of the photographers who’s work I witness regularly on the pages of Facebook, would be enough to both motivate and inspire me to go out … Continue reading

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From Pronghorns to Spiderwort

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There is nothing that gets the juices flowing in a wildlife photographer like, wild mammals. Especially those that fit the definition of the larger mammals. Pronghorns, are a wonderful species of reasonably large herd animals, that are indigenous to North … Continue reading

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Same Song, Different Day

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Recently there were 4 black police officers killed out of several who were shot in a space of 7 days here in America. There were no calls from the political left for gun control. There were no screams of racism … Continue reading

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