The Only Seed

Today’s post is the continuation of a series in which I share with you some of my favorite song lyrics. The Rose is in my top 20 of all the time for most powerful words for songs. Lyrically it is … Continue reading

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Ships That Don’t Come In

Those of you who have been here a few times before know about my love of great song lyrics. I have been remiss in not including country star Joe Diffie’s words to the incredible song, Ships That Don’t Come In. … Continue reading

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All Mixed Up

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Let’s do just one more (until the next time) of those mix and match, a little bit of everything photography posts. Next post up, will be photography-less so to speak, as the desire to immerse myself in another subject is … Continue reading

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The Spirit of The West

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There is nothing that brings  up visions of toughness, romance and beautiful scenery like the American West. Thanks to old movies and TV shows, those visions are world wide. I have known (mostly on the internet) people from England, India … Continue reading

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Infinite Palette

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The infinite number of subjects for a nature photographer, and the never ending quantity of backdrops or palettes, means their job is like that of a “kid in a candy store”. The job in fact of a nature/wildlife photographer, isn’t … Continue reading

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Thinking Backwards and More

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I was always on the lookout for unconventional poses, angles or compositions with wildlife. I had visions of unique compositions in my brain. The traditional or “classic” poses and comps are beautiful, and I tried to never turn one down, … Continue reading

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Tribal Lands…Monument Valley…Arizona/Utah

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Monument Valley is the super desert, for red rock aficionados. It is Navajo lands, not those of the federal government. You can feel the history, both human and natural when you are here. For photographers, it is a diverse valley … Continue reading

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