Life’s Been Good To Me So Far (the glass half full)

Hopefully rock n roll great Joe Walsh (or who ever wrote it) will forgive me for stealing the title to one of his songs. I’m an enigma to many people. I have a lot to say and to complain about … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends Again

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I was always happy to photograph any subject, especially in nature. From the rarest to the most common. Gray Tree Squirrels are pretty common stuff although the dark phase is at least somewhat unusual. For several years I never made … Continue reading

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Answers or Questions ?

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I don’t know if every question has an answer, but life has showed me that every answer prompts a question. That is certainly true in photography. If you live in a fairly ordinary place, landscape photography can sometimes be a … Continue reading

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Tribal Lands…Monument Valley…Arizona/Utah

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Monument Valley is the super desert, for red rock aficionados. It is Navajo lands, not those of the federal government. You can feel the history, both human and natural when you are here. For photographers, it is a diverse valley … Continue reading

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Fortress of Solitude

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I am rarely asked any questions about this blog, but when I am, it is usually the same one. The answer is no, I am in no way done commenting on political, social and religious issues here on the Earth … Continue reading

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Every Picture Has a Story

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There are a few things I love about this old picture that I made in Colorado of a female Gadwall.  I like the composition, including the body position and angle of this lovely lady. I love the soft, rolling quality … Continue reading

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The Deeper Meaning

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I didn’t write the poster below and I do not know who did. It begins with the subject of kneeling for our National Anthem in the NFL and looks forward from there. Not too many years ago I would have … Continue reading

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