Diversity  in Photography

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No, today’s post is not about the need for a more diverse group of people in photography,  although that is an interesting subject that I may broach someday, it is about how diverse we are in the subjects we choose, … Continue reading

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Lost Horizons

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After writing today‘s photography article, it occurred to me that it may seem like sometimes I am reaching a bit within the subject of photography for things to write about. I mean, horizons in landscape photography?  An entire post? For … Continue reading

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Gone Wild

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In one of my next photography articles that I post on here Earth Images, I promise to share some current and great images from other photographers.  For this time, I will regurgitate a few of my old ones. Today’s pictures … Continue reading

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Earth Images on Flickr

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Earth Images on Flickr The four images you see below were copied off my group Earth Images on Flickr Photos. I chose them because they were either interesting, entertaining, excellent, or any (mostly) combination thereof. I tried not to use … Continue reading

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In Memory Of

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Today is the day of picnics and family outings, but it is also the day to remember all of those Americans who lost their lives in conflicts fought both here and around the world. It is specifically set aside, to … Continue reading

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Four Great Photographers & More

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Sharon Landis is my go-to photographer for compelling images of Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons. Her images are rich in detail and are generally amazing artistic poses. I absolutely love fact that as this immature Eagle looks up and our … Continue reading

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Mountain Man….Having a Sense of Place

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Today’s post is as much about places that make you feel great or unique, as it is about photography. Where does the mood or atmosphere, or maybe the actual lifestyle fit your personality?  In my own home state, our northern … Continue reading

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